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HRTicker Topical Dispenser

HRTicker Topical Dispenser

Developers of the HRTicker® topical dispenser, and of the groundbreaking, LifeLike28™ Rhythmic Dosing Protocol. The HRTicker is compact, elegant, and it offers patients the ability to self-administer large and small doses of topical preparations with the highest accuracy and precision. Each Click delivers 1/20th gram* and there are Twenty-Clicks in one complete turn. Fine-tune the dosage to optimal health. Better yet, let patients self-administed the exact dosage with the ease of turning the dial until it clicks! 

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*The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the HRTickerĀ® and its use with prescription pharmaceuticals should always be evaluated by a licensed pharmacist. As required for custom compounded prescription pharmaceuticals; always verify all formulas and weight to volume conversions prior to dispensing to patients.

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