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    News — topi dispsenser

    Protect Your Medications, Protect Your Pharmacy

    To evaluate the light transmission properties of a container, the accepted standard is the USP test for light transmission (USP <661>). According to the FDA,

    “Every proposed packaging system should be shown to be suitable for its intended use: it should adequately protect the dosage form; it should be compatible with the dosage form; and it should be composed of materials that are considered safe for use with the dosage form and route of administration.”

    Common Light Sensitive Medications include: Clonidine, Cortisone, Cyclobenzaprine, Diazepam, Estradiol, Fluticasone, Hydroquinone, Indomethacin, Ketoprofen, Lorazepam, Nifedipine, Tacrolimus, Tetracaine, Tretinoin and Vitamins A, D, E, and K.


    Luckily,Ticker™ Sun Shield Collection  protects your patients’ transdermal medications from UV damage – increasing drug shelf life (longevity) and reducing unwanted changes in prescriptions (drug discoloration and reduced potency). In a recent independent spectral-transmission study, TICKER™ showed minimal to no light transmission after simulating for life-like occurrences. 
    No UV-B, UV-A, or visible light was measured through the Wall of a TICKER dispenser that had a standard prescription label wrapped around it! 

    Ticker Topical Dispenser and LifeLike28


    Doubling or tripling dosages of hormones could have serious adverse effects to the health of our patients. Most of these occurrences are often posed by limitations due to the chosen delivery system. With the arrival of the Ticker topical applicator and it’s impressive micro-dosing ability, physicians have less to worry as a patient’s dosage can now be incrementally decreased or increased by the patient at home. Following a phone visit with your patient and further learning about their present condition and realizing a dosage adjustment is needed, simply instruct the patient to apply one, two, or additional clicks as needed, and then to return to the office in a few weeks. No need to contact the pharmacy for these changes. Comparing to other oriducts such as pumps, syringes, pens; which encompass serious dosing limitations, the Ticker is likely the best choice. With the Ticker applicator, the patient simply fine-tunes his/her dosage to optimal health as instructed. Patient adherence at it's best!
    DIAL YOUR DOSAGE! (Each Click Delivers 1/20th Gram)
    Prescriptions Filled Your Way
    The Ticker Dispenser is available from BIOSRX INC. To learn more please contact us or have your favorite local compounding pharmacy contact us to obtain supplies.