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    TICKERmini® Collection

    TICKERmini® Collection

    TICKERmini® is an accurate transdermal dispenser for prescription compounded medications.  TICKERmini® comes with a 20mL holding capacity. Compounding pharmacists use them for pet applications, such as transdermal methimazole, fluoxetine, mirtazapine. TICKERmini® is also commonly used in the anti-aging arena for hormone replacement therapy.

    To protect light sensitive medications, TICKERmini® are available in four different colors (Amber-white, amber-brown, blue-white, blue-blue) and are UV coated, phthalate, and BPA Free. TICKER® and TICKERmini® are manufactured and assembled in the USA.

    Now is the perfect time to consolidate dated, bulky applicators at the workplace to improve the efficiency of the laboratory, update formulas, and to decrease overall purchasing costs. Start filling the lab with TICKER® and TICKERmini®. You'll be glad you did. The minis will add new life to the Laboratory!