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    Pebble Beach Suppository Molds

    Pebble Beach Suppository Molds

    A major problem that compounding pharmacists face is the burdensome process of removing suppositories from outdated mold cavities, whether they’re from bulky metal trays or the flimsy peel-away plastic suppository shells.

    Developed by compounding pharmacists, the Pebble Beach Mold Collection is designed to solve nearly all of the challenges associated with compounding of suppositories, especially with pharmacists using traditional-outdated compounding technologies.

    The groundbreaking advantage of Pebble Beach Compounding Molds is the potential to fill cavities in a single step with the Pour & Disperse method we have developed. Rather than filling each cavity, one-at-a-time, your pharmacy can easily compound 30 suppositories or five-hundred at at time, and in just seconds.

    All of the Pebble Beach Molds are durable, semi-flexible, food-grade, and heat-resistant. 

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