The RDT KIT comprises everything you need to make RDTs from day one (Excluding the pharmacy technician and convection oven).  This novel technology in compounding exploits the use of a single mold to make either, Rapid Dissolve Tablets, (RDTs) or Troches, hence, drastically reducing costs to your company. 
R.D.T. Molds from TICKERWORKS are durable, heat resistant, and reusable compounding molds used to make Rapid Dissolve Tablets or troches, depending on your formula.

Our latest arrival, the 1ML RDT & TROCHE MOLD contains 100 cavities. Each cavity has a 1.0 mL volume capacity; which  holds approximately ~300mg of active ingredients. Designed to perfection, each cavity is identical and double scored, thus allowing patients to easily cut the RDT or troche in halves or quarters as needed to accommodate specific dosage needs. 

To get you started from day one, each mold configuration includes compounding formulas, spreading spatulas, and limited formula conversion support, a one year warranty, and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


The RDT TAMPER is now made of Nylon or Delrin, which makes the tool non-reactive, dishwasher safe, and long lasting. The tamper's weight and design promotes consistent results.

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RDT & Troche Mold (1mL x 100 cavities)
RDT Kit 1mL x100RDT Kit 1mL x100
RDT Kit 1mL x100
Sale priceFrom $ 999.00
Tamper for RDT 1X100Tamper for RDT 1X100
Tamper for RDT 1X100
Sale priceFrom $ 499.00