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    Troche Molds

    Troche Molds

    TICKERWORKS' Pebble Beach and R.D.Troche Lozenge Molds are the most convenient and productive way to make suppositories and rapid dissolve Troche Lozenges at your compounding facility.

    Constructed with high-density food-grade silicone, TICKERWORKS' molds are durable, heat resistant and easy to use.  Simply pour and disperse your molten mixture into the mold and cool to reveal vast numbers of newly-formed suppositories, troches, gummies, and lozenges.

    With different sizes to choose from, TICKERWORKS molds allows you to make single batches ranging from 60 to 500 cavities per mold. Individual cavity volumes range from 0.5mL to 1mL to accommodate API capacities of up to 300mg

    Drugs like progesterone, testosterone, sildenafil, and most other common APIs are quickly made with TICKERWORKS molds. Patient compliance improves due to the faster melting, comfortable shape, and ideal size.

    At TICKERWORKS continues to develop new formulas, we have already developed calibration studies and formulas to get you started right away.

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