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    BIOSRX provides advanced compounding and dispensing technologies resulting in improved laboratory productivity and patient outcomes to compounding pharmacies and outsourcing facilities. Founded by compounding pharmacists, BIOSRX is dedicated to serving our colleagues through innovation and improving patient care.

    Our compounding solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with another and with your pharmacy. TICKER®, TICKERmini®, Gentle Dose® applicators and Pebble Beach® molds are manufactured and assembled in USA.

    Explore our website to learn more or request complimentary accuracy studies, physician marketing forms and patient instruction guides. Call our knowledgeable and dedicated team at 800-280-9277.




    Dear Pharmacist: 

    We thank you for your business. We are committed to advancing the compounding industry to the fullest. As you may already  know, our product collection is fabulous and unique.  We are shaking and changing this industry for the better with pure innovation right from the lab! As a compounding pharmacist frustrated with inaccurate, inconvenient devices, I set on a journey. I needed to develop products vital to every compounding laboratory, that physicians demand, and will positively impact the lives of our patients.

     Our team is excited to do business with you and your pharmacy team. We hope to see you at the next conference as we would love to meet you in person, hear your stories, and for you let us know how we are doing.

    We thrive in making your business prosperous and your workday invigorating through the development of advanced compounding technologies.


    Moses Perez, Pharm.D., CEO




    WVC 2016

    Moses and Sarah at WVC 2017, Las Vegas, NV


    Maryam and Sarah at IACP & ACA Educational Conference, San Diego February 2016