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    AX-8S Centrimix


    CENTRIMIX – Centrifugal Speed Mixer for Transdermal Gels, Creams, Suspensions, and Powders


    CENTRIMIX – Mixing Simplicity

    The Centrimix 8S model is a SINGLE CAPSULE centrifugal speed mixing system equipped with several revolving and rotating speeds, as pre-set mixing programs.  The capsule houses standard containers with a maximum capacity of 300g (310mL) each. Therefore, this novel speed mixing system is able to mix and deaerate 250grams of preparation in a single step.

    Centrimix standardizes the mixing process, decreasing the manual and variable human element of mixing, resulting in decreased mixing errors and improved safety and efficiency. As a contained centrifugal mixing system, CENTRIMIX is ideal for a wide spectrum of compounded pharmaceutical applications where homogenous mixtures and content uniformity are highly desirable. The mixing is fast, tranquil, and easy.

    CENTRIMIX - The Centrifugal Pestle and Mortar of the XXI Century

    The double centrifugal motion of CENTRIMIX takes place in two separate imaginary axis where the contents circumvent a rotating plane. Thus, CENTRIMIX drastically cuts processing times in a fraction  of the time. 

    SIZE AND DIMENSIONS The CENTRIMIX 8S is the most compact, and the fastest model from the product line. Centrimix 8S weights 24 kilograms and measures 12.75 in (W) x 14.8 in (H) x 12.4 in (D).

    With a maximum holding capacity of 300mL (310 g), Centrimix 8S comes equipped with a single capsule and an integrated counterbalance. The capsule houses a standard jar with a disposable liner. CENTRIGUGAL SPEED – CIRCUMGYRATIONAL MOTION At maximum, 2,000 revolutions per minute, the CENTRIMIX 8S is ideal for getting you the fastest results.

    ** Additional and larger models are available upon request **




    CENTRIMIX Specifications



    • MIXES: Creams, Ointments, Gels, Powders, and Suspensions
    • MILLS: Zirconium Milling Spheres (ZMS) reduce particle size
    • MELTS: The High Shear Melting effect ideal for gelatin bases (10-30% Gelatin NF)
    • DEAERATES: Air-Pocket Removal is an intrinsic property of CENTRIMIX
    • TRI-PHASIC MIXING: Powders, liquids, and cream/ointment/gels can be mixed in one single step
    • HEATED MIXING: Mixes Heated Troche bases with APIs in just seconds
    • NO MESS: Maintains clean and safe working areas with less cleaning
    • Meets USP <800> requirements for contained/enclosed systems
    • Speed settings range: 200 to 2,000 RPM
    • Mixing up to 250grams of product under a minute
    • Reproducible, consistent, and homogeneous formulations
    • Reusable and Disposable containers available for safety and efficiency
    • Increased efficiency and productivity translate to increased PROFITABILITY
    • Compact design. Weighs ~52lbs, and fits practically everywhere
    • Reduces cross contamination, and it eliminates dated and messy equipment like mixing rods, blades, triple mills, and more

     *Troche bases and other like anhydrous bases, must be heated prior to mixing with CENTRIMIX.


      Mixing, Deaeration, Melting, and Milling Capabilities: Your imagination is now a reality with CENTRIMIX: Deaeration (Air Removal) with CENTRIMIX



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