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    BIEST Transdermal Cream: Compounded bio-identical Estriol (E3) combined with bioidentical Estradiol (often dispensed as a 80/20 ratio and generally known as BIEST amongst compounding pharmacists and physicians) may be prescribed to treat Low Estrogen levels in women.
    BIEST transdermal cream is now dispensed with TICKER® Transdermal Dispenser. This easy-to-use and easy-to-dose transdermal dispenser simplifies dosing while empowering patients with the most accurate, “touch free” dispenser for applying the cream directly onto the intended skin site, as prescribed.


    Depending on the prescribed concentration, your doctor or pharmacist may instruct you to dial, Five CLICKS (0.5 mg), Ten CLICKS (1 mg), Twenty CLICKS (2 mg), or other amounts. In practicality, TICKER can dispense a wide spectrum of dosages, and common BIEST dosages in women may range between 0.25 mg to 8 mg per day.


    At a concentration of 2mg/mL, each CLICK with TICKER dispenses 0.1mg of BIEST cream. Other concentrations are also commonly prescribed for BIEST transdermal cream when packaged with TICKER. The volumetric dosage the patients’ apply may range between One CLICK (0.05mL) to Twenty CLICKS (1 mL).


    Some compounding pharmacies may package the BIEST in less desirable topical applicators, such as pumps, syringes, jars, and look alike topical clicking applicators that lack the accuracy and ease of use of TICKER. Please contact our office for any questions you may have. We love helping patients.



    Hot Flashes
    Shortness of Breath
    Night Sweats
    Sleep Disorders
    Vaginal Dryness
    Dry Skin
    Mood Swings

    Memory Loss
    Yeast Infections
    Vaginal Shrinkage
    Painful Intercourse
    Unable to Orgasm
    Lack of Menstruation


    Ask your doctor if BIEST transdermal cream, gel, or ointment is the most appropriate treatment for your wellbeing.


    Find a Qualified Pharmacy to Dispense Bio-identical BIEST Cream Near You: