Digital Dispensing System (DDS)

CAPPUCINE—marks the start of a new era in human and veterinary compounding where volume-digitalization coupled with automation supersedes how stock formulations have been traditionally transferred from large EMP-Unguator® jars into smaller dispensing devices that patients take home.  Ticker topical applicators, topical pumps, jars, and syringes can now be filled with just the push of a button.  The transfer is fast, exact, and simple. 


Great inventions rest on solid foundations. Built to last, dressed to impress, Cappucine's base features a stainless metal dressed in scrubs and a white coat. The base comprises a custom BIOSRX circuitry, microprocessor with a series of chipsets, an integrated digital scale, a touchscreen display and the "fantastic dispensing trio".  


Cappucine's minimalist design equals simplicity!  Training could take two minutes, at most! Simply prime your EMP Unguator®  of choice using the "Jog" button. Once you are ready to transfer, dial the desired volume, and press the “Dispense" push-button. This will dispense the desired volume into your container of choice. From there, Cappucine is able to verify the dispensation and complete partial dispensations when air pockets are present.




POWERHOUSE —The mitochondria is often called, "The Powerhouse of the cell" Cappucine's powerhouse features a plunger and an amazing NEMA 23 stepper motor that pushes down with 100 pounds of force!  More importantly, Cappucine's displacement technology resembles what the surgery industry uses to operate on humans. In other words, precision and accuracy are vital to our mission!



Cappucine is built with infrared photosensors, each in a dedicated tunnel to minimize signal cross interference. The sensors recognize up to three different sizes of EMP Unguator® jars (250, 500, 1000mL). The sensors are critical for central processing, and for dispensing the proper amount of preparations. 


Cappucine features a full color, user-friendly touchscreen interface. With a minimalist design, compounding personnel will master Cappucine in a matter of minutes! The touchscreen is ideal for storing the most commonly used densities of formulas, optimizing the accuracy of dispensations.




Simply put, an electric motor triggers the descend of a plunger that engages a piston. The accuracy and precision of CappucineTM are rooted from its upstream hierarchy of control, microprocessor, and innovative design.       

Cappucine empowers compounding pharmacists and laboratory personnel with the latest technological advances in the industry to fulfill larger magnitudes of compounded preparations with minimal time and effort. Thus preventing physical and mental exhaustion, while maximizing productivity.

Decade-old Electronic Mortar and Pestle (EMP) jars are about to get a face-lift! Whether you are using a 250, 500, or 1000 ml EMP Unguator® jars (Gako International), Cappucine recognizes them all!  Standard EMP jars are generally used for mixing preparations at nearly all compounding laboratories. Cappucine employs Unguator® jars, which are generally used for mixing, and transforms them to be part of a fully automated dispensing system.

At the end of the day, Cappucine has a mind of her own—some call it a microprocessor. Embedded in an aluminum heat sink to counteract incoming energies from various signals and processes. Thousands of computations are processed. These processes include but they are not limited to things like weight, load cell information, infrared signals, jar detection, motor speed and position analysis; you name it! 

Unmatched productivity, astounding reproducibility, and enhanced aesthetics of dispensations are quickly becoming the hallmarks of Cappucine.

Auto-Dispensation - VERIFY
In the event a dosage was dispensed incomplete, (most commonly a result of air pockets in formulations) the VERIFY digital-button is automatically set to detect the remaining dosage - the "Dispense" button will do the rest!


    • 10X Faster than manual loading @ flow-rate 20mls/sec*
    • Unmatched accuracy and precision
    • Automated-filling to streamline productivity
    • Volume auto-detection with 250, 500, and 1000ml EMP jars
    • Easy to use, minimalist design
    • Eliminates weighing the same preparation multiple times
    • Fewer batch transfers, minimal storage
    • Reduces operator fatigue
    • Error reduction
    • Easy to clean 


    • EMP Unguator® Jar Auto-Detection—Infra-Red photo-sensors detect EMP Jars; 250, 500, 1000ml
    • Volume Auto-Detection of preparation inside the EMP jar
    • 20ml/s default Flow-Rate (Customizable prior to shipping)
    • Integrated digital scale
    • "Dial" to measure the specific amount to be dispensed
    • “JOG” push-button for priming
    • “Dispense” push-button
    • Stainless steel tower poles, MIC-6 aluminum, powder-coated
    • Electrical Nema-23 stepper motor
    • Microprocessor with USB port for firmware updates
    • Full-color touchscreen display; 4.2 inches
    • Includes BIOSRX Nozzles (5-Pack)
    • Dimensions: 8.7”W x 11.25”D x 33.5”H
    • Weight: 14.5 Lbs
    • AC Power Input, 24 Volts (5-Amps) P1J

            *Productivity studies available upon request.

How Cappucine Works
Cappucine is simple to use.  Power on the unit and secure the prepared EMP jar.  Let Cappucine prime the EMP jar for you, then insert a Ticker applicator (or other containers) to be loaded. Simply adjust the dial to the desired dosage and push the dispense button.  Cappucine’s built-in digital scale will verify the dose.  Remove Ticker and repeat as many times as desired.  When there is not enough medicament left in the EMP jar to dispense the full dose, Cappucine can notify the operator.  In the unlikely event of an incomplete dispensation, Cappucine can calculate the amount still required.  Simply push the “Jog” button to dispense the remaining amount.  When finished with the EMP jar, press “Home” on the touchscreen to return the plunger to the home position.  The EMP jar may now be easily removed. 

For step-by-step videos on how to properly prime, load, and dispense from Cappucine, click here


Benefits Reported :

“Weighing the same preparation multiple times during packaging is now a thing of the past!”

 “It eliminated the guesswork while transferring specific weights.”

 “It quadrupled my pharmacy's productivity from day one!"

 “It makes the transfer simple, accurate, and fast.”

Cappucine is 100% tax deductible!

Cappucine pays for itself in a matter of months!