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CENTRIMIX facilitates the mixing and deaeration (air removal) of compounded mixtures like never before! This durable centrifugal/asymmetric mixer mixes two-400 grams containers with your favorite compounded preparation in just seconds and at a maximum velocity of 3,000 RPMs! The final product: content uniformity, homogenous mixtures, and a near-complete reduction of air pockets. Increased efficiency and compounding productivity translates to increased PROFITABILITY for your pharmacy.

AX-10G is a heavy-duty dual-cup system, each cup with a 400g (300 mL) capacity. (300mL x 2Cup)

Mix More with Centrimix AX - 10G!

This durable centrifugal mixer mixes two-300mL (250 grams) containers with your favorite compounded preparation in just seconds and at a maximum velocity of 3,000 RPMs!

At 3,000 RPMs you will generate some heat, which, in some cases it may be ideal for melting some compounds in gel form.


  • MIXES: Creams, ointments, gels, powders, and suspensions
  • MILLS: Zirconium Milling Spheres to reduce particle size
  • MELTS: The High Sheer Melting effect ideal for certain bases
  • DEAERATES: Air-Pocket Removal is an intrinsic property of CENTRIMIX
  • TRI-PHASIC MIXING: Powders, liquids, and cream/ointment/gels can be mixed in one single step
  • HEATED MIXING: Mixes Heated Troche bases with APIs in just seconds
  • NO MESS: Maintains clean and safe working areas with less cleaning
  • Meets USP <800> requirements for contained/enclosed systems
  • Speed settings range: 100 to 3,000 RPM
  • Reproducible, consistent, and homogeneous formulations
  • Reusable and Disposable containers available for safety and efficiency
  • Standard US AC 110V
  • Reduces cross contamination, and it eliminates dated and messy equipment like mixing rods, blades, triple mills, etc.

*Troche bases and other like anhydrous bases, must be heated prior to mixing with CENTRIMIX. CENTRIMIX is designed to maintain temperature, although at higher speeds it can increase the temperature of your mixture. We recommend mixing most HRT creams at 2,500 RPMs.

Mixer Specifications

R.D. Troches are smaller than the average troche, but can still fit the API strengths you need. Smaller troches dissolve faster, making it easier for patients to be compliant. Moreover, each R.D. Troche is scored for patients to easily cut the troche to accommodate custom dosage needs as needed.


  • 15.75in WIDE
  • 19in HEIGHT (lid closed)
  • 34.5in HEIGHT (lid open)
  • 19in DEPTH
  • Weight: 60 Kg


Mess Free. Efficiency. Uniformity.

Productivity. Ease. Consistentcy.  

Compatible with Standard CENTRIMIX Jars

  • Maximum volume of 300 mLs & maximum weight of 250 grams per cup.
  • Used to maximize volumes being mixed
  • Reusable, Dishwasher safe container
  • Made of HDPE

Compatible with Standard CENTRIMIX Milling Jar (Proprietary; Sold Separately)

  • Maximum volume of 250mLs & maximum weight of 200 grams per cup
  • Used for trituration of tablets and powders
  • Reusable, Dishwasher & Microwave safe container
  • Made of Delrin

Compatible with CENTRIMIX Jar Adapter

  • Adapter for Dispense-Ready Mixing Jars (4oz. & 8oz.)  
  • Used for all mixing and deaerating procedures in the CENTRIMIX
  • Just mix, label, and dispense!

Compatible with Unguator® 100mL Jar Adapter

  • Mix using the Unguator 100mL Jar
  • Great for storing compounds and for dispensing
  • Dispense Ready Jar: mix, label, and dispense!

What are the most ideal applications for the Centrimix

Mixing creams / gels / ointments:

  • Compounded preparations with hormones.
  • Multi-API formulations.
  • Low concentration API formulations.

Mixing liquids:

  • High-viscosity liquids which are normally difficult to mix or which require long processing time by conventional mixing machines.
  • Suspensions: Mixing liquids and powders which need to be evenly mixed even if their characteristics and specific gravities are widely different.


  • With its built-in vacuum-like feature (degas mode), you can remove entrapped air, resulting in a beautifully elegant product for the pharmacist, and accurate dispensing of the medication for the patient.


  • The rotation of the unit for 3 minutes generates enough heat to melt Gelatin Gum Base at a max temperature of 50 C.


  • Adding the Zirconia milling beads with a stainless steel liner will allow you to micronize your powders thus replacing the process of trituration.


Make 500 troches at a time with the 0.5mL x 500 R.D. Troche Mold

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