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    CENTRIMIX – Centrifugal Speed Mixer for Transdermal Gels, Creams, Suspensions, and Powders


    CENTRIMIX—Planetary Speed Mixing Technology for the Compounding Laboratory

    CIRCUMGYRATIONAL motion is a novel technology previously used by other industries that necessitate homogeneous final mixtures and elegant preparations.  Mixing, milling, dispersion, and de-aeration are now very common terms for compounding facilities who embrace this new compounding technology.  BIOSRX is proud to play a significant role in the advancement and adaptation of centrifugal mixers tailored for the pharmacy compounding industry.

    Dr. Moses Perez, Pharm.D.—developer of TICKER®, Gentle Dose®, Cappucine®, and other novel pharmacy lab technologies used in the compounding sector—is passionate about incorporating this new line of mixing technology into the core of our company. 

    CENTRIMIX, "The Centrifugal Pestle and Mortar"  facilitates the mixing and deaeration (air removal) of compounded mixtures in just s few minutes! Uniform mixing and air removal will result in a homogeneous final product.

    Your compounding team can now prepare for the next steps of your standardized processes while the mixing takes place, thus saving your company time due to improved efficiency with fewer accessories to clean and sanitize. CENTRIMIX standardizes the mixing process by decreasing the manual and variable human element of mixing, resulting in decreased mixing errors and improved safety and efficiency.


    CENTRIMIX - The Double Centrifugal Mixer!


    Centrimix yields unmatched high-quality mixtures in just seconds! The result: flawless, homogeneous, and elegant de-aerated compounds.  With the push-of-a-button, CENTRIMIX is able to deaerate and mix at the same time yielding astounding preparations beyond the imagination.

    Without propellers, mixing rods, blades, and beaters, CENTRIMIX drastically reduces the cleaning and sanitizing time and employee fatigue; allowing them to maintain alert and focused in the more technical steps of advanced compounding. 

    The double centrifugal motion of CENTRIMIX takes place in two separate imaginary axis where the contents circumvent a rotating plane. Thus, CENTRIMIX drastically cuts processing times in fraction of the time. 




    CENTRIMIX Specifications


    • MIXES: Creams, Ointments, Gels, Powders, and Suspensions
    • MILLS: Zirconium Milling Spheres (ZMS) reduce particle size of APIs
    • MELTS: The High Shear Melting effect ideal for gelatin bases (10-30% Gelatin NF)
    • DEAERATES: Air-Pocket Removal is an intrinsic property of CENTRIMIX
    • TRI-PHASIC MIXING: Powders, liquids, and cream/ointment/gels can be mixed in one single step
    • HEATED MIXING: Mixes Heated Troche bases with APIs in just seconds
    • NO MESS: Maintains clean and safe working areas with less cleaning
    • Meets USP <800> requirements for contained/enclosed systems
    • Speed settings range: 200 to 2,000 RPM
    • Mixing up to 700 grams of product under a minute
    • Reproducible, consistent, and homogeneous formulations
    • Reusable and Disposable containers available for safety and efficiency
    • Increased efficiency and productivity translate to increased PROFITABILITY
    • Compact design fits practically everywhere
    • Reduces cross contamination, and eliminates dated and messy equipment like mixing rods, blades, triple mills, and more

     *Troche bases and other like anhydrous bases, must be heated prior to mixing with CENTRIMIX.

        Pharmacist Benefits

        • Ideal for mixing creams, gels, powders, ointments and liquids
        • Improved lab efficiency will give you and your staff more time
        • Standardized prescriptions resulting in improved patient outcomes

        CENTRIMIX Models

        Centrimix is now available in two models:

        ** Additional and larger models are available upon request **


        ** NEW FOR 2018: CENTRIMIX AX-10K (1100mL; DUAL CAPSULE SYSTEM) **

        Mixing, Deaeration, Melting, and Milling Capabilities

        CENTRIMIX – Mixing Simplicity

        Just a 4-step process:

        1. Transfer your chemicals and bases into the mixing container for mixing or deaeration
        2. Load the preparation into CENTRIMIX and dial the appropriate counter-balance with your finger
        3. Close the lid, choose your mixing speed setting, and push start
        4. After the mixing ended, remove you preparation from CENTRIMIX, and analyze your preparation
          CENTRIMIX should be used to mix:
          • Cream to Cream
          • Dry Powder to Dry Powder
          • Dry Powder to Cream
          Your imagination is now a reality with CENTRIMIX


          Deaeration (Air Removal) with CENTRIMIX
          Are your patients and physicians concerned about dosing inaccuracies caused by excessive air-pockets? CENTRIMIX has a built-in, vacuum-like capability that removes undesirable air-pockets and bubbles from your formulation, thus creating the highest quality formulations that will impress everyone. 
          Milling with CENTRIMIX
          Zirconium Milling Spheres (ZMS) can drastically cut your milling to a fraction of the time. ZMS can be added to your preparations inside the mixing container to yield great results. The milling spheres supplement Centrimix’s existing milling capabilities drastically bringing down particle size.  They are also useful in the trituration of commercially available tablets and other solid compounds.


          Melting with CENTRIMIX

          “The high speed mixing capabilities of CENTRIMIX may even excite the particles inside the compounds”.

          Shear force mixing causes some solids to melt at much LOWER TEMPERATURES than ever before. Therefore, heat sensitive drugs can now be incorporated into a gelatin base in a continuous miscible phase without being destroyed. Not to mention a drastic reduction in cooling time to solidification. The result is a new therapeutic option in parallel to a successful outcome, and prepared at a fraction of the time!

          Place the gelatin gum base inside the container, and insert into Centrimix. After setup, the gelatin base will be partially melted in approximately 2 to 3 minutes, with an internal temperature of ~ 37ºC. Next add the API(s) and any color or flavor needed to the container. With an additional mixture of 1 to 2 minutes, the final product is homogeneous, uniform, and fully melted, reaching an internal temperature of ~ 40ºC. Due to the varying melting points with different gelatin gum bases, the mixing may range from 3 to 5 minutes. With thermal elevation control in Centrimix, API(s) are protected due to a lower melting point, which is achieved just through the power of centrifugal forces!

          BUY NOW

          We aim to provide your company with complete pharmacy supplies and state of the art compounding technologies. With regards to the compounding formulas we provide, we are also able to provide compounding training with Centrimix.