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    Clinical trials and animal studies have shown a loss of circulating estrogen induces rapid changes in whole body metabolism, fat distribution, and insulin actions. The loss of E2 can result in an abrupt reduction in patients' metabolic rate which can progress to an increased central adiposity metabolic syndrome. Additionally, there is a growing field of knowledge in E2's role in metabolism in relation to its regulation of mitochondria (Gupte at el. J of Diab Research. 2015;(2015):916585).

    Oral estradiol is metabolized through the liver and may present health risks to patients' circulatory systems. Therefore, prescribing estradiol for vaginal administration may be preferred. Vaginal administration avoids the metabolic breakdown of estrogen that results in a low bioavailability of the hormone, and consequently can be prescribed in lower doses. Lower doses reduce the instance of negative side effects that can arise from high oral doses. Low dose vaginal estrogen therapy can more safely be prescribed for longer times.

    Estradiol taken orally is typically prescribed concurrently with progesterone to prevent estrogen dominance, which can lead to swelling in the extremeties, headaches, or anxiety. However, multiple prescriptions are not always necessary with lower doses of estrogen applied vaginally. Achieving an optimal balance of hormones is essential to effectively reduce menopausal symptoms, and improve patients' well being. This balance can be achieved with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy utilizing innovative dosing techniques.



    Gentle Dose®  is the world's first petite vaginal applicator. Gentle Dose is accurate, gentle, and easy-to-use. The plunger features 0.5mL dosing increments for maximized dosing accuracy and ease of use. The barrel is designed in size and material for ultimate patient comfort.

    As an applicator with a wide spectrum of uses, Gentle Dose is designed for multi-dose, single-dose, creams or suppositories. Pebble Beach mini-Suppositories fit easily within Gentle Dose, for optimal patient use.

    Pebble Beach mini-Suppositories -- The smaller size and gentle shape are different than conventional suppositories, thus making it easier to insert vaginally and comfortable for patients of all sizes. Each mini-Suppository measures a total volume of a half-milliliter. This enables pharmacists to compound preparations up to 100mg per mini-Suppository; your patients can receive their optimal dose without sacrificing comfort. In functional medicine, this size is can be useful for the following drugs:

    • Testosterone
    • Progesterone
    • BiEst
    • TriEst
    • DHEA
    • Any combination of the above


    Please contact us at 1-800-280-9277 to find a compounding pharmacy near you that can prepare personalized prescriptions for your patients with the Pebble Beach mini-Suppositories.