Fill TICKER® Transdermal Dispenser with the desired amount of
cream/base medicament using a spatula, EMP jar, or filling system.
While filling, periodically tap TICKER® onto the palm of your hand or counter to settle the cream uniformly while minimizing air pockets.
Insert the dispenser (cap with hole) on the top of TICKER® by aligning the insertion
guides with the slots on the top of the chamber and snap-on tight until it Clicks!

Prime TICKER® transdermal dispenser by turning the base clockwise until the cream is dispensed through the outlet.

Continue to prime and align the down arrows with a Major Dial Tab. This provides a good starting point. Wipe off the excess cream.

Press the safety cap over the dispenser cap (cap with hole) until you hear a soft snap shut. 

Use the extruded vertical label alignment bar on TICKER® to
help make label placement simpler.
Position the rest of the label by simply sliding your fingers alonside the rest of the label.  Your Topical HRT hormone dispenser is now ready to use.