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    Ticker Unlimited Vaginal Applicator


    Gentle Dose® —is the world's first petite vaginal cream applicator designed and developed by BIOSRX, INC. Developed with women in mind, Gentle Dose is accurate, gentle, and easy-to-use.


    As a vaginal applicator with a wide spectrum of applications, it can be used for single-use and multiple-use custom prescriptions.


    Compounding pharmacists around the globe can now purchase this vaginal applicator and use it to package bioidentical hormones, as well as other custom vaginal preparations used in the functional medicine and anti-aging health industry. 


    Gentle Dose can be used to deliver vaginal suppositories, vaginal creams, and vaginal ointments into the intended site in the vaginal canal. As a vaginal dispenser FREE of sharp edges, threads, or snaps, and due to its petite size, Gentle Dose is becoming the standard in the industry for dispensing vaginal compounded preparations without the pain and hassle, as compared to other applicators.



    Medications like hormone therapy, probiotics, antifungals, and moisturizers can easily be dispensed and applied with Gentle Dose.
    Compounding pharmacies may also prefill Gentle Dose for prescriptions that require fewer doses, dispensed to the patient in unit doses.



    Learn how to fill Gentle Dose, and what makes this dosing system so remarkable.  




    Most vaginal cream applicators are too large for patient comfort and oftentimes may even cause permanent injury. With patients at the forefront, Gentle Dose was designed to be petite, comfortable, and easy-to-use.


    The brightly colored plunger has dosing segments so that even the visually impaired can use it.


    This novel dosing-system empowers patients to take charge of their lives through comfort and simplicity.


    Increased on-time refills and pharmacy profitability are mere reflections of patient comfort, satisfaction, and increased patient adherence.




    The barrel tip of Gentle Dose connects with the elevated central port of TICKER® Unlimited.




    Preparations can be inserted vaginally, transdermally, and even orally.


    Preventive hormone replacement therapy medications like estradiol, estriol, DHEA, and testosterone can be self-administered at the comfort of the patient's home.


    Compounding pharmacists are now able to dispense unit doses of a variety of drugs like oral flavored-gels, probiotics, antibiotics, anti-emetics, lip and tongue analgesics to name just a few. 


    Gentle Dose and TICKER® Unlimited are the right choices for practically every vaginal prescription.



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    • Easy-to-fill, easy-to-use, easy-to-store
    • Design of length reduces chances of self-injury
    • Easy-to-read volume markings and extruded dosing indicators
    • Cap included minimizing evaporation
    • Facilitates both single-use and multiple-use applications
    • Suitable for gel, cream, and ointment-like formulations
    • Handles micro-dosing dispensations with TICKER® Unlimited
    • Ideal for vaginal, transdermal, and oral applications
    • Minimal patient training required


    • 3mL barrel capacity
    • 0.5mL embossed dosing segments
    • Calibrated barrel measures only 3.65 inches in length
    • BPA-free, Phthalate-free
    • Easy grip design for better control
    • Anti-roll, anti-slip design
    • Cap to reduce evaporation
    • Easy-to-fill via TICKER® Unlimited
    • Hypoallergenic, FDA grade polypropylene resins
    • BPA-free, phthalate-free
    • Patent-pending innovation, 2016 USA
    • Made proudly in the USA