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How to use Gentle Dose®

Gentle Dose and TICKER® Unlimited are the right choice for practically every situation

Gentle Dose®—is the world's first petite vaginal applicator that is accurate, gentle, and easy-to-use. As an applicator with a wide spectrum of applications, Gentle Dose was developed with women in mind. It can be used for single-use and multiple-use custom prescriptions.

Easy Fill. Easy Dose.

Gentle Dose® Fits Everyone

Most vaginal applicators are too large for patient comfort, and oftentimes they may even cause permanent injury. Keeping the patients at the forefront, Gentle Dose was designed to be petite, comfortable, and easy-to-use. The colored plunger has dosing segments that even the visually impaired can use it. This novel dosing-system empowers patients to take charge of their lives through simplicity and ease-of-use. Increased on-time refills and pharmacy profitability are mere reflections of patient comfort, satisfaction, and increased patient adherence.

Patient Comfort with Women in Mind


Compatibility and Ease

The barrel tip of Gentle Dose connects with the elevated central port of TICKER® Unlimited so that it can be accurately filled with just a few clicks!

Benefits of Gentle Dose

  • Easy-to-fill, easy-to-use, easy-to-store
  • Design and length reduces chances of self-injury
  • Cap included to minimize evaporation
  • Facilitates single-use and multiple-use applications
  • Suitable for gel, cream, and ointment-like formulations
  • Handles micro-dosingdispensations with TICKER Unlimited
  • Ideal for vaginal, transdermal, and oral applications
  • Travel friendly applicator with minimal training
  • Recycle Code #5 Polypropylene
  • Made proudly in the USA




  • Segmented dosing Indicators with easy-to-read numbers
  • Each segment dispenses 0.5 mL
  • Soft cap included to slow evaporation
  • World's most petite, gentle graduated applicator
  • BPA-free, phthalate-free
  • Easy grip design for ultimate control
  • Anti-roll, anti-slip next-generation design
  • Extruded dosing segments with numbers
  • Easy-to-fill or to pre-fill with TICKER® Unlimited
  • FDA medical-grade polypropylene material
  • Ideal for cream, gel, and ointment OR mini-suppository preparations
  • Package contents: plunger and tube sold as a single unit.
  • US Patent, 2020




  • Chamber Capacity: 3 mL
  • Components: Plunger, Barrel
  • Dimensions: 3.65 inches
  • Packaging: 40/box or 100/box
  • SKU: GD-40 (40 applicators, each individually bagged)
  • SKU: GD-100 (100 applicators; no caps included; not individually bagged)


*Experiments were conducted with Transderma® HRT Base Xenex Laboratories, Humco HRT Base Heavy Cream, Medisca®  HRT, PCCA Lipoderm® (Lipoderm is a Trademark of PCCA)  Conversion Chart based accuracy studies for commonly used HRT Bases sold across the USA to compounding pharmacies. The results obtained are average values obtained from HRT bases with similar densities.

Compared to other like devices, the residual volume of TICKER products is minimal, yet important for the proper function of the devices. Moreover, this information is critical when calculating the right amount of medication that needs to be dispensed to the end user.


Gentle Dose® Box of 40

Gentle Dose® Box of 100 (unbagged)

Compatible with Ticker ® Unlimited

How to Use Gentle Dose

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Now is the perfect time to consolidate inaccurate, bulky and messy topical applicators at the pharmacy to improve the efficiency of the laboratory, improve formulas, and to decrease purchasing costs. Gentle Dose will add new life to the laboratory!


Accurate and Precise dosing that is simple and easy to use

Environmentally Friendly

30% less plastic than other comparable dispensers

U.S. Patent Technology

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