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    The Topi Dispenser Pump is an airtight, airless transdermal delivery system; which delivers a metered volumetric dosage of 1.0 gram per PUMP (within +/- 0.7% SD) of cream and gel compositions.  The unique design of the Topi Dispenser Pump includes a UVA/UVB protected pouch, the housing, pump, and the overcap.  This easy to use topical dispensing system provides an accurate metered dosing for all of your topical needs. This pump holds 3 oz (90g) of topical preparations.


    • 90mL capacity, dispenses 1.0 mL per stroke
    • Convenient for different viscosities of creams, gels and pastes
    • Tested for accuracy and suitability with the most common creams and gel bases
    • Perfect airtightness with a greater than 90% evacuation
    • FDA approved materials and component traceability
    • Simple filling process saves preparation time


    • Topical Hormones
    • Pain Management Creams & Gels
    • Dermatologic Compounds
    • Oral Liquids
    • Cosmeceuticals



     shop-button2.png**The TICKER topical dispenser is not to be confused with Topi-click applicator, which is a trademark of doselogix.