At TICKERWORKS, we provide a comprehensive line of advanced compounding supplies and compounding equipment.  We are dedicated to improving the lives of your patients, and to increase your laboratory efficiency and productivity. As leaders in the industry, we have designed and carefully selected a unique line of products that is high quality, durable, and easy-to-use. Patients, physicians, and pharmacists around the globe depend on our products and services. We are proud corporate sponsors and members of leading pharmacy and medical health organizations geared to improving the lives of patients.

As we continue to improve the industry with pharmacy innovation, our compounding pharmacy supplies range from pharmacy containers, plastic tubes, metered dose topical pumps, TICKER applicators, mixing jars, inner liners for mixing jars, pharmacy heating plates, and more.  We also manufacture screw-on nozzles and piston inserts designed to fit Unguator® jars (The Unguator is a trademark of Gako International) to facilitate the transferring process from large compounding EMP jars into smaller containers, such as TICKERmini, or topical metered pumps.