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    Prescription Skincare Products


    To help generate product awareness, our design team at BIOSRX prepared a special ad for your favorite marketing campaign (Facebook, Twitter, etc). To share, simply right-click on the image to copy and paste. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need special assistance.

    This revolutionary Vitamin C night treatment is carefully prepared with pharmaceutical grade Ascorbyl Palmitate to promote radiant, smooth, and firmer skin appearance. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the benefits of topical Vitamin C Ester.
    The Benefits:
    • Promotes the appearance of firmer and smoother skin
    • Supports tighter, toned, and firmer skin
    • Enhances radiant and resilient skin
    • Minimizes the appearance of white patches and skin discoloration

    Counseling Tips:
    - Store Refrigerated and away from sunlight
    - The higher concentration actually helps in stabilizing the product
    - This product should not be used beyond 60 days
    - Apply to desired area at bedtime or as directed



    Testosterone Cream (Women)

    Testosterone is an integral hormone for a women’s well-being, quality of life, vitality, and it is often individualized in accordance to weight, age, and specific laboratory values. Contact your local compounding pharmacist or physician and ask them about the benefits of topical bioidentical testosterone therapy.