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    Mirtazapine Transdermal Gel: Compounded Mirtazapine may be prescribed to stimulate appetite and contains anti-nausea properties for pets.  With just one CLICK, Mirtazapine Transdermal Gel can be dispensed and administered with TICKERmini® Transdermal Applicator. TICKERmini is a novel metered transdermal dispenser that is a simple one step process. With its ease-of-dosing and ease-of-use, TICKERmini ensures that all patients are receiving accurate amounts of compounded medication. TICKERmini also offers pet parents less exposure to medications and is hassle free through its “touch-free” applicator. The transdermal route with TICKERmini might be a solution to problems associated the oral and injectable routes of administration. TICKERmini dispenses transdermal gels, creams, and ointments prepared by a compounding pharmacy. The TICKERmini is readily available all across the United States. Generally, transdermal strength range between 0.05ml to 0.2ml. Other dosage forms include capsules. Always ask your veterinarian if a transdermal gel dispensed is the most appropriate treatment.

    Contact us to find a compounding pharmacy near you dispensing with TICKERmini.