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    Built to endure. Designed for productivity. Pebble Beach Molds come with a full-year warranty.

    Some compounding pharmacists call it, "THE FLEXIBLE STAINLESS STEEL SUPPOSITORY MOLD"



    Pebble Beach Compounding Suppository Molds are durable, semi-flexible, and heat-resistant. These suppository molds can be used to mold troche lozenges and mini suppositories for a variety of compounded preparations. Each tray contains one-hundred cavities, and each cavity holds a total volume capacity of 0.5mL. 

    Transform your laboratory into a Troche and Suppository, Power Lab with Pebble Beach REUSABLE molds. Pebble Beach Molds can be used over and over again! Compounding teams easily remove the final preparation from the tray and package them into airtight, childproof prescription vials, or blister-packs for unit-dosing. With Pebble Beach Molds, pharmacies around the globe are saving by the thousands in materials and labor annually. Please refer to the ROI sheet below, download the mold specifications, and even your first few formulas! 


    Patient Benefits:

    • Superior comfort
    • Faster absorption of the active drug
    • Faster onset of action
    • Less leakage. Less mess
    • Increased patient adherence
    • An applicator designed for mini-Suppositories is available

    Lab Benefits:

    • FDA grade thermoplastic elastomers
    • Heat Resistant up to 250°F
    • Segmented cavity groups for controlled pouring
    • Incorporated run-off trough to collect any excess material, and reduce waste
    • Flexible, durable, reusable material able to withstand high temperatures
    • Ease-to-Use, Easy-to-Mold for improved productivity
    • Unique Drop Shape design meets a wide spectrum of applications
    • Size and Shape offers optimal patient comfort
    • Easily transfers to prescription vials or blister packaging
    • Dishwasher safe
    • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
    • Formulas included for getting you started right away

    Pebble Beach Instructions

    The mini-Suppositories are designed to fit inside the Gentle Dose Vaginal Applicator.



    • Each cavity holds 0.5 mL
    • Net Weight: 4.4 oz
    • FDA grade durable thermoplastic elastomers
    • Segmented cavity groups for controlled pouring
    • Incorporated run-off trough to collect any excess material
    • Maximum continuous-use temperature of 250 degrees F (121.1 C)
    • BPA, Latex, Phlatate and PVC Free
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Packaging: Two Molds per Box
    • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
    We have tested the Pebble Beach Suppository Mold with the most common troche and suppository bases from Xenex Labs, PCCA, Medisca, Fagron, and Letco Medical. The results have been very similar amongst them. We have found that PEG Bases appear to work the best.  







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