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    Pogesterone Transdermal Cream: Compounded Progesterone may be prescribed to treat Low Progesterone levels in women.  Progesterone transdermal cream is now dispensed with TICKER® Transdermal Dispenser.  This easy-to-use, and easy-to-dose transdermal dispenser simplifies dosing while empowering patients with the best, “touch free” dispenser for applying cream directly onto the intended skin site as prescribed.  Depending on the prescribed concentration, your doctor or pharmacist may instruct you to dial, Five CLICKS (25 mg), Ten CLICKS (50mg), Twenty CLICKS (100mg), or other amounts. In practicality, TICKER can dispense any-dosage, and common Progesterone dosages in women may range between 10 mg to 200 mg per day. Other concentrations are also commonly prescribed with Progesterone transdermal cream, and the volumetric dosage may range between One CLICK (0.05mL) to twenty CLICKS (1.0mL).  
    • Improving estrogen activity
    • Improving thyroid activity
    • Stimulating cells necessary for bone building
    • Moderating symptoms of estrogen excess
    • Regulating water retention
    • Preventing fat accumulation
    • Preventing uterine bleeding
    • Alleviating mood swings
    1. Painful, swollen breasts before period
    2. Anxiety, aggression, irritability before period
    3. Painful headaches before menstruation
    4. Painful periods with hard and swollen belly and back
    5. Face, hands and feet swollen before period
    6. Obesity in the lower half of body with a ballooning stomach
    7. Cysts in breasts or ovarian cysts as well as uterine fibroids

    The information above is for educational purposes only. BIOSRX supplies empty containers without medication. You may contact us to find a qualified compounding pharmacy that can dispense this medication near you. Always discuss with your physician to determine which treatment will work best for you.