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    RDT Molds

    Rapid Dissolve Tablets
    Rapidly Made


    Make hundreds of RDTs in a fraction of the traditional time. Better yet, make them using BIOSRX's Molds. The NEW RDT Molds facilitate the making of hundreds of RDTs and even Troches per batch. BIOSRX's RDT Molds are sturdy, firm, and built to handle stress and high temperatures. You can bake, bend, and put them in the dishwasher several times throughout the day. Every day.

    RDT Mold Benefits

    Properties BIOSRX R.D.T Mold


    The mold is heat resistant up to 302 F (150 C)


    Durable, flexible silicone


    Mold is dishwasher safe


    Anodized aluminum gives the benefit of a sturdy tamper without the worry of reactivity

    Easy to Use Technology


    Simply pour and dispense your RDT mixture into the mold and the forming begins. Don't worry about filling each cavity one at a time. BIOSRX's molds are designed to pour and disperse your mixture over the mold.

    The Tamper slides into the mold segments, giving the pharmacy technician full compounding control while compressing the mixture.

    The final compounded products are made at a fraction of the traditional time and content uniformity is optimal. Every time.

    Benefits of RDTs

    Rapid dissolve tablets can be stored without the worry of melting under normal conditions. These tablets dissolve in your mouth in under a minute, making both their production and use a quick and easy process. For the life of a busy compounder, and a busy patient, RDTs offer the perfect solution.



    What is the volume of each RDT and how much API can it hold?

    The BIOSRX mold allows pharmacy technicians to compound 100 RDTs at a time, measuring 1 mL each.

    What makes the BIOSRX RDT mold unique?

    The flexible silicone material makes the mold more durable and decreases the probability of breakage, offering both longevity and compounding ease. The mold is also light, compact, and dishwasher safe; thus effectively eliminating the hassle of complex storage and cleaning. The BIOSRX RDT Mold can also double as a troche mold, which offers pharmacies the opportunity to switch between RDT and Troche at any time.

    What are the benefits of the tamper?

    The RDT Tamper is made of anodized aluminum metal. The aluminum creates a heavyweight tool able to consistently perform in high volume laboratories for years, while the anodized coating eliminates aluminum reactivity.

    How do you remove RDTs from the mold?

    RDTs can be removed from the mold by gently tapping on the mold as it is face down on a surface. The RDTs will then easily dislodge from the mold with the applied pressure.

    How is my staff going to get trained on how to make RDTs?

    Contact BIOSRX and we can guide you through the compounding method, as well as offer helpful videos of our products. We can also provide formulas for compounding different medications.


    Simplicity & Efficiency


    Your patients will appreciate the speed and ease of using of the rapid dissolve tablets. Your compounding pharmacy will also appreciate these same qualities throughout the compounding process. RDTs are a great way to increase production and leave behind the difficulties of time consuming and complicated processes.




    Rebecca Provorse, ND; Verve Healthcare & Consulting LLC, OR

    "I have used BIOSRX through my local pharmacy for 2 years.. I highly recommend BIOSRX for pharmacies and prescribers alike."
    Prescriber x 15 years

    Rapid Dissolve Tablets are Designed for a Busy Life

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    Sold out

    Improved accuracy and aesthetics of the final product

    Environmentally Friendly

    Reduces the need for individual packaging

    U.S. Patent Technology

    Trusted by PCCA and compounders worldwide

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