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    Are you relieved by the the U.S. Pharmacopia pushing back the enforcement date for Chapter <800> to December 1, 2019? Compliance can mean renovation, changes in protocol, and is even pushing some pharmacies to discontinue compounding.
    While the enforcement may change from state-to-state, the requirements for easy to clean, impermeable surfaces remain consistent. The best approach to fulfill this requirement is to consider which tactics lab designers or other industries are using. Some lab designers use Fiberglass Reinforced Panels (FRP for short). FRP are non-porous, scratch-resistant panels, but the best part may be that they can be installed directly over existing walls. The installation is relatively fast, but it still needs to avoid seams that can collect hazardous materials.

    You have probably seen epoxy flooring in hospitals, or high-end storage facilities that need to resist chemical spills. Epoxy may come with a higher price tag than other flooring, but is the most durable option available. It is easily cleaned, and as described by MultiLab Manufacturing, "It’s poured into a laboratory and shaped to flow up the walls for one to two inches," so it will be impervious to HDs. MultiLab recommends sealed concrete as a lower-cost alternative to epoxy flooring- it's not as durable, but works on a tighter budget. 



    Ensuring compounding personnel safety and improving patient care shouldn't come at the cost of productivity, and therefore your profit. As enforcement begins, pharmacists are sharing their best practices to maintain their daily prescription count. Some pharmacists are taking advantage of regulation that allows for batch compounding common strengths of preparations in anticipation of valid prescriptions. Other pharmacists are changing their workflow to have only one technician work with raw powders, to increase their stock solutions, which are not classified the same as powders. 



    CENTRIMIX Centrifugal Mixer is an enclosed system to mix powders, liquids, creams, gels and more  at the push of a button. Other mixers use rods, blades, or mills -- CENTRIMIX uses planetary forces to evenly mix preparations, and therefore reduces the accessories required just to mix. CENTRIMIX even comes with disposable mixing jars. Reducing accessories means less risk for contamination, exposure, less time cleaning, and more time for profit-generating activities.

    BIOSRX was founded by compounding pharmacists looking for real solutions. Our compounding experts can guide you through which model fits best with your lab. We will also assist your compounding team on how to use CENTRIMIX, and adapt formulas for maximum efficiency. 


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