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    TICKERmini Transdermal Dispenser – Veterinary Use


    BIOSRX- the industry leader of metered transdermal dispensation technologies since 2013- provides clients the ability to apply small and accurate volumetric dosages of compounded veterinary transdermal prescription drugs. 


    The result: healthier patients, happier owners, and increased positive outcomes. 


    Compounding pharmacies strive to deliver the finest compounded prescription drugs to improve the lives of our four-legged family members. Unfortunately, the selection of poorly designed dosing-applicators may pose tremendous limitations to the health of the patient and may directly impact patient compliance.

    Problematic Issues Reported by Consumers:


    Syringes—Patients have a tendency to inadvertently overdose or under-dose, sometimes without realizing. Whether it is due to dexterity problems, lack of visual acuity, or design flaws with the syringe, these problems increase within the older client population.

    Dosing Pens – The viscosity of the transdermal drug may have a direct effect on the accuracy of the dosing pen. Those relying on airless pump systems, where the creation of a vacuum system causes a plunger to move in the desired direction, are especially susceptible to dosing inaccuracies. Therefore, the medication may be dispensed intermittently, with substantial dosage portions remaining in applicators with felt-tips. Some dosing pens even have the tendency to malfunction while in use. The largest dosing hurdle of all may be that the patient is required to turn the dial by 360 degrees four times in a sequence, in order to get the most common dosage.


    RESULTS: Patient compliance may be negatively impacted, and patient outcomes might be greatly affected as well.



    TICKERmini—a metered veterinary transdermal dispenser, offers patients ease-of-dosing and ease-of-use. Above all, TICKERmini was developed by compounding pharmacists; consequently accuracy and precision were the most important factors for its development. TICKERmini relies on a screw-driven-piston coupled with a dial that CLICKS, for unparalleled metered dosing. Each CLICK delivers 0.05mL of cream, gel, or ointment medicament that can be prepared by the compounding pharmacy. TICKERmini also offers touch-free application by rubbing the flat surface pad of the applicator directly onto the skin of the pet.


    Hassle-free administration! 


    A user friendly dispenser like TICKERmini may translate in to improved patient compliance and positive outcomes. We love having happy clients and healthier pets because your clinic's growth depends on it!


    TICKERmini Instructions (CLICK HERE) 



    Common Compounded Transdermal Gel, Cream, or Ointment Drugs Used with TICKERmini:
    Methimazole (Tapazole®); Amitriptyline HCL (Elavil®); Tramadol (Ultram®)
    Amlodipine (Norvasc®); Buspirone HCL (Buspar®); Fluoxetine (Prozac®)
    Glipizide (Glucotrol®); Ketoprofen

    TICKERmini may be the perfect solution for  my finnicky cats”

     “With TICKERmini the medication is applied directly onto the cat’s inner ear surface, so no more finger cots are necessary. It's  so much cleaner and easier.”

     “An easy-to-dose, user friendly dispenser that really clicks. No need for my older clients to guess the measurements with a syringe”

    “ I tell my clients to just CLICK and apply directly to the inner surface of the ear”

     “Relief is a just a CLICK away!”



    **Always ask your veterinarian if a transdermal gel dispensed in the TICKERmini applicator is the most appropriate treatment.