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    Dotts Suppositories

    Why are most suppositories
    big and bulky?

    Dotts Suppositories

    Dotts suppositories are small, pea-sized, and each unit has a 0.25mL volume. Dotts are made using the Pebble Beach Molds from TICKERWORKS. The molds are reusable, non-stick, and heat-resistant up to 302 °F

    Multiple Dotts, Various Strengths,
    Yet a Single Application.


    Gentle Dose® applicators can be used by patients to insert one or more Dotts suppositories into the intended area, and with a single application. Each Gentle Dose® applicator can hold up to ten Dotts suppositories at once.


    With a high surface area-to-volume ratio, Dotts' suppositories melt inside a patient's body much faster than traditional suppositories. Their smaller size also accounts for most of the accelerated melting.



    Outstanding Productivity

    Compounding laboratories around the globe depend on Pebble Beach Molds to meet and exceed their vigorous compounding volume. This novel molding system facilitates quick turnaround times to better address patients' demands.


    VIDEO: Shows you how to remove the Dotts suppositories from the Pebble Beach Molds.


    What is the volume of each Dott and how much API can it hold?

    Suppository Dotts are small suppositories with a quarter milliliter volume, and with capabilities of handling up to 75mg of most common medications (APIs)

    What makes suppository Dotts unique?

    Perhaps it is their small size, and yet it's capability to get combined with one another for the larger doses. As an example, Progesterone doses of 150mg may require two Dotts, whereas progesterone doses of 225mg may require three Dotts.

    How many Dotts can a Gentle Dose® applicator dispense?

    It can fit up to Ten Dotts. Therefore, the patient can insert up to 10 Dotts at once if necessary to administer a specific dosage in a single application.

    How is my staff going to get trained how to make suppository Dotts?

    Contact BIOSRX and we can guide you through the compounding method. Also, we can provide formulas for compounding different medications.


    Simplicity & Comfort

    Your patients will appreciate the comfort, and ease of use of the Dotts suppositories. Dotts are also a great opportunity for your compounding laboratory to consolidate various strengths into standard dosages.




    Rebecca Provorse, ND; Verve Healthcare & Consulting LLC, OR

    "I have used TICKERWORKS through my local pharmacy for 2 years.. I highly recommend BIOSRX for pharmacies and prescribers alike."
    Prescriber x 15 years

    DOTTS Suppositories Are Designed for Patient Comfort

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    Improved accuracy and aesthetics of the final product

    Environmentally Friendly

    Reduces the need for individual packaging

    U.S. Patent Technology

    Trusted by PCCA and compounders worldwide

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