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    TICKERmini is small - only 2.7 inches high.


    TICKERmini® is an easy-to-use, easy-to-dose transdermal dispenser with a wide spectrum of uses.  It is ideal for transdermal and vaginal applications in humans, and the solution for delivering micro doses of transdermal gels and creams with just a CLICK! TICKERmini drastically decreases the chances of accidental overdosing and underdosing as it is the case with other undesirable dispensers. Two CLICKS dispense 0.1ML with unmatched accuracy and precision.

    With a holding capacity of up to 20mL, veterinary compounding pharmacists use TICKERmini largely for veterinary applications, such as transdermal methimazole, mirtazapine, fluoxetine, and more. 

    To protect light sensitive medications, the TICKER mini is available in four different colors (Amber-White, Amber-Brown, Blue-White, Blue-Blue) and it is UV coated, phthalate, and BPA FREE. Ticker and TICKERmini are manufactured and assembled in the USA.



    How to dispense 0.1mL (Two Clicks) with TICKER mini transdermal dispenser.


    Now is the perfect time to consolidate dated, bulky applicators at the workplace to improve the efficiency of the laboratory, update formulas, and to decrease overall purchasing costs. TICKERmini will add new life to the laboratory!


    Ordering is just a few CLICKS away!



    TICKER® transdermal dispenser is readily available for shipping across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica. 

     Contact us and our friendly staff will handle all shipment arrangements.




    Residual Volume for TICKERmini (T20)

    At BIOSRX, we spend time to ensure the amount of medication left inside our dispensers is minimized. In  a recent study in comparison to other dispensing devices, TICKERmini showed the lowest amount of residual volume (<5%) after the device had been used to completion and no further drug could be dispensed. 

    Click HERE or on the image above to view or download the Residual Volume Certificate.